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Ladies and Gentlemen,
True to our motto "Made for Motion", there is also a lot going on in the field of hydraulic at KTR. Besides new product sizes and features we have also prepared new tools and a look behind the scenes for you.
Find out all the important news about hydraulics at a glance.
We hope you enjoy reading.
OAC250 - Small, compact, affordable: The OAC250 closes the gap
You always thought the gap between the cooling capacities of the OAC200 and OAC300 was too big? We have remedied this with a new intermediate size, the OAC250.
The three words small, compact and affordable describe it well, but of course all the other advantages you are used to from our coolers also apply to it.
By the way, the OAC250 offers a wide variety of fan drives: with 230/400V, 230V compact, hydraulic or 12 and 24V.
Which one suits you?
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OAC eco2 - simple temperature-dependent fan control available
For the fan drive with 12V and 24V, there is now a simple, intelligent, temperature-dependent fan control that controls the fan speed depending on the media temperature.
The noise level is kept as low as possible.
A simple, robust and cost-effective control system that you can also retrofit at any time to coolers that are already in use.
Optionally possible is a reversal of the fan's direction of rotation for cleaning the heat exchanger.
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All well packed: New BAK12 aluminium tank including feet
We have expanded our supply programme of aluminium tanks and now offer a small aluminium container that is manufactured using the cost-effective die-casting process.

The new BAK12 without oil collecting groove has a usable volume of 10 litres and is manufactured for pressureless operation. Feet for this tank (BF75) are also available.
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Online tool for plate heat exchangers
Sizing made fast with our sizing tool for plate heat exchangers
With just a few data, you can easily and simply select the PHE cooler required for your system.
It could hardly be quicker, because by entering just eight parameters you get your result and get a selection of plate heat exchangers that fits.
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A look behind the scenes
Sizing made fast with our sizing tool for plate heat exchangers
Quality assurance is very important to us. That is why we are constantly investing in our research and development and are always looking for new ways to put our quality to the test.
With the new concentric and axial run-out measuring table, it is possible to check simply but precisely during production whether the bellhousings have been manufactured within the specified tolerances according to VDMA 24561.
The dial gauges are equipped with radio, so that the measured values can be automatically transmitted to a corresponding programme.
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